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What is Zero Waste?

Zero Waste is the conservation of all resources
through responsible
production, consumption,
reuse and recovery of all
products, packaging and
materials without burning
them, and without discharge
to land, water or air that
threatens the environment
or human health.  The six
principles of Zero Waste are:
Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Rot and Recycle.


Zero Waste Amherst is a resource for moving the Town of Amherst toward Zero Waste through planning, policy initiatives, legislation, education and community engagement, to
reduce toxic pollution of our land, air and water and the gas emissions that contribute to climate change.


Amherst can be a place where residents, business owners, employees, visitors and the Town are engaged and empowered to practice Zero Waste through conscious consumption and diversion of waste materials to recycling, composting or reuse services.

  • Adopt a community-wide Zero Waste target;

  • Reform waste/recycling hauler services to
    use best Zero Waste practices;

  • Ban single-use plastic materials;

  • Encourage waste prevention habits through education and outreach;

  • Advocate for regional and state-wide Zero Waste solutions.

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